About BlueSky


This website is dedicated to the purpose of stopping the frequent aerosol spraying of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere over Israel.

Easily visible to the naked eye, these aerosols emitted from jet aircraft slowly spread high overhead and form a white haze that can saturate the entire sky, block much of the sun`s intensity, and remain indefinitely for hours until it is obscured by the onset of darkness.

This activity occurs over Israel intermittently, sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months, and sometimes not at all.

When there is a halt in the spraying blue skies return overhead and it is our intention to see that they return permanently.   

The large jet aircraft releasing their high altitude chemical payload were first noticed by us on the summer of 2010. 

Over the years the scope and the intensity of the spraying has increased and now, there are days when the entire country, from Metulla to Eilat, is covered with the persistent white haze that these chemicals produce. This can occur in the summer or winter, when we have natural clouds or not.  

Tens of thousands of citizens of the State of Israel are aware of this chemical spraying high overhead and the unnatural skies that they produce. 

Since this obvious and easily documented activity in our skies has never been part of a public agenda or referendum and has never been proposed, debated or approved by our Knesset, we declare it to be illegal activity and malevolent until proven otherwise.

This site is intended to be a source of information for anyone or any organization, environmental or civic, including those in government, to acquire the necessary tools to bring this menacing activity to a full and complete stop. 

This site has no political agenda and no interest in changing any governmental policy that is unrelated to the high altitude aircraft emissions of toxic chemicals that daily replace the natural beauty of our skies, pollute the air we breath, pollute the water we drink, pollute the land that produces our food, and compromises the health of our citizens. 




1.For the past five years Israel has been subjected to clandestine aerosol spraying in its atmosphere for purposes that are unclear. This activity is obvious and visible.


2.The aerosols being sprayed are mixtures of heavy metals that are toxic to human health, the environment and are disruptive to the local climate.


3.This activity is being implemented outside any legal framework, national or international and is in violation of elementary precautionary principles.


4.The government of Israel, which controls the use of its national airspace, is negligent in its responsibility to protect its citizens from the fallout of these poisons. 


5. Institutionalized denial of this obvious and visible activity in our skies is in violation of the fundamental right of Israeli citizenry to be informed of any experimental activity of its government upon its citizenry.   


Important questions and answers:


Can we oppose the unofficial aerosol spraying in Israel`s skies without being able to prove what is being sprayed and for what purpose



We maintain that to oppose the obvious spraying activity in our skies we are not obligated to authenticate the exact mixture of chemicals that are being sprayed and know the exact purpose of this rogue spraying. That we observe it with our eyes and document it in images and film authenticate its presence and suggests its menace. We easily differentiate between natural skies and clouds from the artificial silky, white haze that the aerosol sprays produce.   We also maintain that it is the government, not Israeli citizenry, that is obligated to reveal the purpose of the spraying, the content of the chemicals used, and make available to the public and the Knesset the scientific research that validates the use of this technology and its purpose. 

We also maintain, that until the use of this technology is approved either by a national referendum or by vote in the Knesset, then it represents abuse of power by its perpetrators and that they should be held responsible for any damages to the citizenry and the environment that the technology incurs.  


So, what do we know about the materials that are being sprayed?


Although we at Blu Sky are already taking rainwater and soil tests and are encouraging others to do the same (see our suggestions as to how to do this responsibly and scientifically), we must look to other parts of the world where this same or similar spraying  technology has been applied for longer periods and where resistance to this activity is better established and inquiry into the content of the spray and its purpose is more advanced.

In the NATO countries of Europe and in the United States, where this high altitude spraying technology has been applied in the atmosphere for decades without official government approval and without public knowledge, rainwater and soil tests have determined that the dominate chemicals being sprayed are aluminum, barium and strontium, and, also, that the chemical profile of this mixture fits closely to the chemical composition of fly ash which is the ash residue produced from the burning of coal at coal electric power plants. Highly toxic fly ash is prohibited by international law to be released into the environment among the gases that are emitted through smokestacks at power plants. 

Aluminum, barium and strontium are silvery, light reflective metals that when sprayed into the atmosphere in microscopic particulate size create the artificial cloud like haze that we witness in the sky over Israel.  

So we have good reason to believe that since the visible appearance of the technologies in the skies of the U.S. Europe and Israel appear identical, that the contents of the spray mixture is similar or identical as  well.


What do we know about this aerosol technology?  Does it have a name? Can we speculate on its purpose?


It is called geoengineering or climate engineering, and there is ample evidence to indicate that it is an attempt at weather control for diminishing global warming or being used for military purposes that include controlling weather globally. Although there are hundreds of patents for geoengineering existing today, both civilian and military, and recently much talk in the civilian U.S. scientific community and the U.S military about the possibility of experimenting in climate engineering, the official stand of governments in the U.S. and NATO is that it has yet to be applied in practice.

Yet the official position of these governments is in contrast to what has been observed in their skies for decades and, also, recently in Israel where the official government position is, also, that these experiments are not occurring in our skies. 


Should we be concerned about aerosol spraying in our skies if the reason is to cool the earth or to protect its citizens from military threat?


Yes, we should be very concerned because the the technology is experimental and it is being applied without the consent or knowledge of the inhabitants of the regions where it is applied.  Also, there is ample evidence that this technology is not only not helping to alleviate global warming but is, in fact, aggravating it, and  there is much evidence to connect the recent extreme climate disturbances worldwide to the unproven safety of the climate geoengineering experiment.

Also, clearly, the fact that the aerosols are toxic to human health and the environment define the technology as irresponsible and being applied without elementary, precautionary scientific protocal.


Could the geoengineering technology being applied in our skies be purposefully destructive, given that it is officially denied by our government and the governments of the West?


We do not have an answer to this question, yet we do know that whether or not it is the intention of the government to harm its citizenry or the citizenry of neighboring countries (since much of the particles are blown by prevailing winds into regions east of Israel) the effect of the constant release of these chemicals into our atmosphere endanger human and environmental health wherever they are released.


What are the harmful effects of these chemicals?  Is there any way I can protect myself and family from these chemicals?


These chemicals, whether alone or together, when absorbed in our bodies weaken the human immune system and increase the possibility of dementia, cancers, autism, fertility, inflammatory disease and general declining health. Correspondingly they are poisoning our ecosystems resulting in dying flora and fauna and causing erratic and extreme weather events.

When considering that these chemicals are constantly polluting our air, water and the environment, it is clear that they cannot be totally avoided. We are certain that the only way to protect ourselves from this threat to our health and environment is to build a civil resistence movement that will bring an end to the menacing experiment taking place daily over our heads and retrun to us our blue skies.

To do this we need to organize a dedicated group of volunteers who will lead this struggle. Please contact us if you would like to be involved or would like further information.